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Freedom Works LLC

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Dani and John from Freedom Works LLC offer a variety of services and products that can enrich and upgrade your life experience. Colloidal Silver, Art Work, spiritual classes and transformational work are presented as one on One sessions, local classes and online courses.


Daniela Kelley


Daniela is an Artist and Designer

Digital Artwork is available as print in different sizes and on different materials.

You can purchase artwork framed, as poster or printed on items such as clothing, mugs, mouse pads etc. Since it it is impossible to publish all available options, please get in touch for special orders, wholesale, particular sizes or materials. 

The website for artwork is www.danielakelley.com


Life Coaching

Daniela is also a life coach and helps with transformational work.

The online course “Let Go – But How?” is available on her website: https://www.shamyafreedomworks.com

She also offers local classes, One on One coaching sessions, as well as Astrology and Tarot readings.

Please get on the email list for news, new products and special offers: https://www.shamyafreedomworks.com/newsletter


John Kelley

Colloidal Silver

John offers High Quality Colloidal Silver in various sizes, including free local delivery on gallons and cases (Custer, Hot Springs, Hill City).

He produces and sells affordably priced highest quality Colloidal Silver through his website: https://www.khadham.com/shop?Collection=Colloidal+Silver

Shipping is available to anywhere in the USA.


Energy Work and Awareness Training

John is an intuitive, energy healing practitioner, life coach, spiritual counselor, consultant and an instructor on the following topics.


He offers:

•    active & passive meditation

•    energy healing with your self, other people, animals and the Earth

•    remote or in person energy healing sessions

•    intuitive counseling

•    life coaching

•    instruction in creative awareness development


There is a free library of informational and micro training videos, affordable private on line live classes, instructional video courses, energy healing sessions and healing products for you to check out and obtain if you choose.

For in person services contact John at: khadham@protonmail.com

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