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Hot Springs Ambulance Service was founded in 1985 and responded to approximately 185 calls a year while offering Basic Life Support (BLS) services. Over the next 30+ years, our services, equipment and coverage area have grown. We respond to approximately 1,530 calls a year while offering Advanced Life Support (ALS) to the surrounding communities of Fall River County, as well as southern parts of Custer County, including Wind Cave National Park. 

Our ambulances are staffed with both ALS and BLS crews 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Since we have staffing made up of both volunteer and full time staff, we are able to work out of two to three ambulances, depending on the state of trucks and equipment and the availability of volunteers. Currently, the residents of Fall River County can rely on two fully staffed ambulances ready to respond to a 911 dispatch call 24/7, with the potential of a third volunteer crew being available. Our staff is made up of local individuals as well as individuals who travel from surrounding areas. 

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